Enabling Transformation

STYRA - Enabling Transformation

STYRA, The SaaS application fosters innovation and rings in a fresh perspective to the business thus helping enterprises adapt to new realities of digitization. With STYRA, every complexity is made simple allowing large to small scale enterprises to manage and function easily. This technology platform although disruptive is in complete harmony with the existing system/process and fortifies it by providing instant solutions when it comes to failure-mode-effect analysis. The smart application and monitoring system embedded within STYRA ensures easy configuration. It uncovers data insights to achieve operational excellence and improve productivity.

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Manage your field projects with Styra

Field projects typically involve hundreds of employees, dozens of subcontractors and tens of companies with expertise all the way through the supply chains. It has to be made sure that projects are executed on time and within budget because unless everything is done right, there are chances of the project going out of schedule, losing money and even worse, a few poorly monitored activities could affect the entire matrix, and cause the project to fail. 

Irrespective of projects in the power, water, gas or street lighting in municipal sectors; Meter installation /replacement and street lighting contractors trust their businesses to STYRA every day.

What our client’s achieve?

  • Simplified project monitoring across multiple-location, multiple-vendors and subcontractors, multiple teams and multiple projects.
  • Accurate data capturing from project sites including Photos, Videos, audio annotations all geo-tagged and many more.
  • Takes care of all procurement and inventory management needs of the organization.
  • Streamlined project setup, eliminates paper-based data entry and reporting inconsistencies and provides a mobile platform to track progress while on the field.
  • Overall it Empowers decision-makers and project managers with daily management information in an analytical format and intuitive dashboards.

Our Clients

We are fortunate to be working with top utility companies and municipal organizations who use our products to better their services and improve the lives of consumers

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