Data Extraction & Conversion

Data Extraction & Conversion - PDF to ePUB | MS Word to ePUB | HTML to ePUB | XHTML to ePUB | InDesign to ePUB | MOBI to ePUB

Scanning and digitization of legacy materials, including hardcopy, microfilm, microfiche, and 35mm and 120mm slides/strips to any format and DPI required

Onsite scanning by vetted, highly experienced resources wherever needed, and following strict security protocols

Indexing and cataloging of content, including Oil & Gas documents and Georeference Tagging services (digitization of maps with their coordinates, spatial information along with associated research articles and assets like tables, charts, and references)

Conversion of digital files from any source format to XML per any DTD (JATS, NLM, DocBook, DITA, PRISM, etc.) or other output formats (HTML5, ePub, Mobi, PDF,, Inkling)

Experts in handling complex mathematical content such as VTeX, LaTeX,, MathML, and MathType, and both Vector and Raster images, Video conversion, editing, closed captioning, and transcription, eBook conversion and creation with various levels of interactivity and linking and ONIX feeds for distribution of eBooks, Lockbox maintenance, including check scanning, invoice processing, and database updating based on materials received