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Prasanna Technologies offers a full range of consulting services provided through its experts. Based on whether the project requirement is basic or complex, our expert has the know how and the experience to guide customers through the entire process. Our Consultants will assist in the development of a project plan that will help identify the goals, allocate “the correct” resources and delegate responsibilities appropriately. We provide specialized software solutions for electricity and water utilities such as Material Management, Works management, Accounts management, Billing and collection management etc.

Preparation of IT road map

Putting a plan in motion for the short term and long term goals with specific technology solutions to achieve those goals

Consulting Services

Providing industry specific specialists/consultants and subject matter expertise

Google Apps, Deployment & Maintenance

Develop apps on Google platforms, take them live on the play store and maintain the systems

System Integration

Bringing together component subsystems under one umbrella and ensuring that the subsystem functions as a system

Data Collection

Gathering and measuring of stydying information (according to http://orderassignmenthelp.com) of various interests in a systematic pattern to enable simple understanding of project requirements for students at

GIS Surveying & Mapping

Providing accurate surveying of a topographical location & mapping it entirely in a system

Software and database administration

Managing Database systems by providing end to end management. Click here http://essayberry.com

Meter reading and spot billing

A hand held unit wherein a reader collects information on spot and generates a bill for the consumer

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

To track data from sensors monitoring machine condition that automatically reviews and picks up patterns that indicate a possible fault and corrective measures are taken place

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