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Prasanna Technologies was founded with a single goal in mind to provide Utility companies with the utmost efficient software systems that would improve the service of the Utility companies to their end users, along with designing clear cut and simple solutions that are fast to implement. We at Prasanna Technologies are in total sync with our customers requirements and are in total partnership with regards to developments for products. Our team size and the our focus is our USP that allows us to understand needs and deploy products based on market pressures.

At Prasanna technologies, we focus on delivering world class management service products that ensure an easy life for our customers. Our core products ‘Energysync™’ and ‘AquaSys™’ comprise of various modules that address common requirements and range of extended capabilities to Electrical utilities, water utilities and urban local bodies. These products are on ready basis and can be deployed based on customer needs, business model and territory of operation.

Our business intelligence solutions have often proved to be vital mission critical strategic assets. They harness corporate data to help highlight the factors that drive the business so that faster and more informed decision making become possible. Our systems unite information from across the organisation to give a consistent and unified view of the business processes.

Our solutions ensure that the appropriate information gets to the right people, at the right time and in the most usable format. Our predictive software solutions empower enterprises in a variety of industries to build more profitable relationships with personalized, responsive real­time attention.


To be the most reliable company in providing solutions that enhance and simplifies people’s interaction with utilities and makes processes simpler and information more organised within utilities. We believe in these key five fundamental at Prasanna: Strategy, Product, Process, People and Execution. By taking good care of these fundamental values, the bottom line will then follow.

Quality policy

Prasanna Technologies is committed to ‘Total satisfaction of customers, employees, partners and stakeholders’ We believe that contended employees lead to contented customers, partners and stakeholders. By developing innovative applications that provides critical visibility to business operations, we ensure utility companies are able to make informed decisions and react to changing market demands. We believe our products empowers our customers to focus on their deliverables and thereby enter into a long term partnership that will change and grow their business.



Subodh Shetty

Managing Director

Subodh has successfully built & lead Prasanna Technology from the initiation to a fully fledged software service provider that supports utility companies with products to increase their efficiency. Subodh has over a decade’s experience and knowledge in various IT departments for electricity and water utilities and has successfully helping them plan their IT roadmap.

Subodh hold’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science engineering.

Mithil VP

Director ­ Engineering

Mithil has been the key person in the organization who oversees it all; from design to development, from project execution to delivery of all projects. Mithil also heads Product Development & handles all upcoming projects of the team.

Mithil holds Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and has done his specialization in Sound engineering.

Subhash Kini

Director ­ Operations

Subhash heads sales, marketing and project execution at Prasanna Technologies. Prior to Prasanna Technologies, Subhash headed sales at Guardian Inc, a security systems company and also at KSIC, Bangalore having several years of experience in marketing and project management in these roles.

Subhash has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in sales and marketing.

Dr. Sathyapal Hegde

Director ­ Projects

Sathyapal is an ITC certified level 2 thermographer with vast level of experience in thermographic audit. He also comes with a rich experience in the field of aluminium alloy units and steel foundries, along with research experience at IISC, Bangalore and NITK, Surathkal. He also has more than 5 International Journal Publications and one patent.

Sathyapal has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MTech in Materials engineering and a PhD in Mettallurgy.

Anjali Shetty

Director ­ Human Resources

Anjali has over a decade’s experience in adminstration and accounts, including two years in Franklin Templeton investments and three years in ING Vysya Life insurance. She has been instrumental in framing comprehensive HR policies and accounting policies at Prasanna Technologies

Rajesh Kotian

Delivery Manager

Rajesh has successfully managed teams as Project Manager with over 12 years of experience of working for companies across the globe with his expertise in International Banking, Investment Bank, Retail, Irrigation, Hydroelectric generation, water management, derivatives(options, futures, forex), utilities. Rajesh has worked with Credit Suisse Singapore, Wipro, HCl Technologies before joining Prasanna Technologies. His area of expertise include IT Governance, PMP concepts, Enterprise Architecture & Documentation Tech, Architectural governance, E­Governance Projects. Rajesh is also globally certified in PMP, IT Governance, ITIL, Banking, SAFE Agilist.

Rajesh has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication, a Masters Degree in Telecommunication Engineering from La Trobe University Australia, and an MBA in Systems and Marketing.

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