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To stay ahead of the competition in today’s market and be successful, utility companies today need to consolidate their operational data, clean it, enhance it and integrate the same to the enterprise. To manage all this successfully, Utility companies require premium solutions that employs a customer data model which mirrors your business, customer data management tools with seamless connectivity through the enterprise.

Whether you run a utility firm searching for a better way to balance complex maintenance tasks, a municipality needing help coordinating a diverse range of public works activities, or an enterprise constantly weighing equipment repair against replace options, figuring out the best way to manage assets both capital and fixed is one of your top challenges. AquaSys™ helps you address this critical competitive concern, and improve your organizational effectiveness through real-time asset optimization.

By efficiently managing asset life cycles, it enables you to streamline and improve maintenance operations, maximize supply chain performance, enhance safety, and improve regulatory compliance. A fully integrated, highly scalable solution, AquaSys™ ensures that organizations run at maximum efficiency and stay competitive despite shifts in the economic landscape.

AquaSys™ solution for Water utilities eliminates inefficiencies from back office operations. They help you reduce costs, ensure customer satisfaction, and maximize asset reliability.

The main objective of Water Billing System is to ensure proper billing and recovery of dues from consumers. It also aims to provide an enhanced quality of consumer service, based on timely and accurate information. The solution takes care of Billing, temporary and permanent disconnections, reconnections, and the various stages that form part of the life cycle of a consumer’s relationship with the utility.

Currently Utilities follow a manual billing process where the units are calculated manually and entered into bills which will be verified again and approved. Finally the bill will be sent to the consumer for payment. The whole process takes 15-20 Days. Again maintaining all the data related to consumer connections, disconnections and reconnections, modification of consumer related information is tedious work in manual system.

AqaSys achieves this objective by using a RF based smart card technology and providing a system which could provide provisions to maintain all the data related to consumer connections, disconnections and reconnections, modification of consumer related information, ensure accurate billing and billing related information, error corrections in the consumer bills, management of consumer complaints and generation of MIS and other related reports. Once the MIS report is generated the same will reflected in the GIS maps.



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